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Lesley Keller-Reed is a movement artist, choreographer, and videographer. She graduated with an Interdisciplinary BA from Columbia College investigating the connection between dance and theater. She is researching finding universal human connection through personal truths and shared experiences using and interweaving the mediums of written word and visual form. In 2016, Lesley helped form Bittersweet Arts Company, an artistic collective incubating writing, with her peers from school.


After graduating, Lesley created Movement Lab (MVMT LB), a space for movement artists to create in process for process’s sake. This is an ongoing project cultivating a space of exploration and discovery that is separate from project deadlines and works in tandem with an artist’s ongoing research. The inception of this project occurred 2018-2020 at Outerspace Studios.


Featured in Haven Chicago's Spotlight Series, Lesley navigated the work she does as an inter-media artist, taking the audience through her process of creating dance movement film, and presenting an excerpt of her seasonal project, ‘Ohne Dich’.


Blending written prose, dance and visual form, Lesley develops ‘poem films’, short excerpts that capture one’s inner experience into an external form. Her piece, “Uncertainsea” was featured in Scout and Birdie’s ‘At Sea’ issue.


Crafting choreography/movement for both theater and dance spaces, her own works include, “Portrait of Selves”, “Making a poem-film”, "Remain (release)" and "The Absence of You" (which incorporated physical- based actors in a dance composition); “a little clemency for my soul v. i"; "Conference of the Birds" with John Green at Columbia College; and "Ghosts of Freedom" with Sami Ismat at Greenhouse Theater.


She has worked with choreographers Ayako Kato, Erin Kilmurray, Rachel Bunting, Darrell Jones, and Meghann Wilkinson. She studied modern dance and composition with, Colleen Halloran, Carrie Hanson, Lisa Gonzales, Margi Cole, and Darrell Jones, and theater/movement with Wendi Weber, Thom Pasculli, Michael Brown, and Ann Boyd. Lesley was an Apprentice at DFBRL8R performance art gallery under Joseph Ravens in their 18-19 season.