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| Film 

 Focusing on visual layers and non-linear narratives, creating short etudes titled "Poem Films" which capture the essence of the internal into an external form 

 making a poem-film: 

 if you can see me, does that mean you're really there? 

 using two projectors, a camera, and a white wall, this piece was constructed live in a duration of 90 minutes 

 questioning shadows, media interaction, and what it means to really be connected 

 created at dfbrl8r art gallery 

on exhibit at zhou b art center, aug 16-sept 13 

 photo by Sungjae Lee 

photo by Sungjae Lee.JPG
photo by Egon Schiele_5283.jpg

 photo by Egon Schiele 

 in the bottom of the lake 

 exploring physical layers, sound, 

disconnection and longing to connect 

 a little clemency for my

soul v. ii 

 investigating visual expectations and language 

 an almost girl quickly-melted away; part four 

 an installment of a three month exploration investigating Rainer Maria Rilke's poems, the idea of existing and not-existing, and making through improvisation 

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